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Peer into Jason Stroud’s Liberty Village workspace and you’ll see reclaimed signage, industrial lighting and a multicoloured collection of Japanese toys. For residential clients, wood and metal are staples, whether for bench seating, a bookshelf, a coffee table or a credenza. Stroud experiments with different finishes, including a rough grey reminiscent of siding on a wind-weathered seaside cottage. Light fixtures include Stroud’s Piano chandelier, and panel lights in hot-rolled metal, stainless steel or copper.
— Toronto Life, Best of the City Issue - October 3rd 2016

...get your own custom creation going

Then get in touch with Jason Stroud. The restaurant designer’s workshop-slash-showroom is filled with unique lighting, furnishings and works-in-progress for current projects: think reclaimed wood dining tables, eclectic lights made from piano keys, vintage anatomy charts and dressmakers’ judys. Choose from one-off designs and vintage finds on display, or better yet, start up a conversation with Stroud to get your own custom creation going.
— Designlines Magazine, March 30th 2016

...Standout lighting fashioned from eclectic materials

Like the look of Yours Truly on Ossington? Curious about that red chandelier made of replica Bren guns at Origin’s Liberty Village location? Then get in touch with Jason Stroud. He caters largely to restaurants and retail spaces, but... accommodates the would-be clients who fall in love with his work while dining. The bright and colourful shop/studio is filled with one-of-a-kind designs, including refashioned restaurant pieces and creations from previously unexecuted drawings. Behind a sliding aluminum door is Stroud’s workspace—part workshop, part laboratory. Imagine a chandelier borne of piano keys surrounding three thin, tubular incandescent bulbs. Because many of Stroud’s pieces are made in house, custom sizes and designs are easily accommodated. Stroud also offers a Japanese collection: signs shipped from overseas and an ever-growing selection of brightly-coloured Kaiju (“monstrous beast” in Japanese) figures.

SHOP HERE FOR: Standout lighting fashioned from eclectic materials: a pendant made of thin, brass wire finished in silver is so tightly woven it resembles fabric; a somewhat sinister chandelier consists of white Mothra figurines; and a long reclaimed wood mould, which Stroud thinks may have been a vent in a previous life, is repurposed as a light-diffusing wall sconce.

BEST BET: Concrete side tables and stools treated with photo transfers from Google Maps feature New York buildings, complete with detailed rooftops. The obvious finishing touch: a hot pink Godzilla.
— Designlines Magazine, Feature Story - Winter 2012, Leah Wong

...Stroudfoot's design creations are in restaurants all around Toronto...Stroudfoot's prints are everywhere. And now, they can be in your home.

Stoudfoot’s design creations are in restaurants all around Toronto. From both Origins to Colborne Lane...Stroudfoot’s prints are everywhere. And now, they can be in your home... [Jason’s custom furniture & lighting made in his Liberty Village Studio is] looking to appeal particularly to condo owners who want a change from the big box design stores in the area. He describes his style as “sleek decay” (which, indeed, is the perfect characterization) noting that every piece can be customized “to fit a 1,200 square foot space,” he says, “or just 300.”...Jason’s portfolio of restaurant projects speaks for itself. But it’s the smaller projects — the collaborative projects, that Stroudfoot is after...”People can come in with ideas and we’ll put together technical drawings and see the concept through together,”
— blogTO, July 19th 2012, Robyn Urback


Stroudfoot also custom-made the eye-catching chandelier
— Toronto Life, July 9th 2012, by Renée Suen


...fabulous post-industrial light fixtures
— Globe and Mail, April 9th 2010,